H2O Zero EU


Our Oxydo Sludge Removal System "OXYDO-25″

Our sludge remover is a unique treatment solution that cleans and eliminates all sludge without draining or rinsing the installation. Sludge removal is natural and autonomous.

Our Arago Anti-Limescale System

Our solution is unique and certified, it allows to dissolve the limestone even from the hardest waters (high French level "TH"). It is the best alternative to salt water softener.

+1,000 salt softeners replaced each year by our solution

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100% satisfied

You benefit from rigorous support and a 10-year hardware warranty!

Victor Goncalves

Very high quality products and super efficient results. Awesome business.


Suprahead Studio

An environmentally conscious company with impeccable efficiency. We highly recommend!


Antoine Lafourcade

Në rajonin tonë ku guri gëlqeror është shumë i pranishëm në ujë, zgjidhja H2O Zero ka bërë vërtet të mundur që të shihet ndryshimi! Për më tepër, ekipi është sa profesional aq edhe miqësor!


Victor Petraru

Excellent product for water treatment. Limescale is no longer a problem


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